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Video Series: Intro to Supporting Autistic Employees

Reshma Dhawan, Lead Job Coach at auticon, recently created an informative video series called Job Coach Corner in which she shares her expertise on neuroinclusion in the workplace. In less than a minute per video, Reshma breaks down what neuroinclusion is and why it’s so important; the harmful effects of exclusion on autistic employees; and simple ways managers, teammates, and companies can take action to support autistic employees.

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Introduction to Workplace Neuroinclusion

How Exclusion Impacts Autistic Employees


3 Ways Managers Can Support Autistic Employees


3 Ways Teammates Can Support Autistic Colleagues


3 Ways Companies Can Support Autistic Employees

For a deeper dive on this topic, download our free guide Neuroinclusion in the Workplace: 
a 360° Approach

If you’re ready to take the next steps toward creating a neuroinclusive company, learn more about auticon’s Neuroinclusion Services including advisory services, neurodiversity training, and job coaching.

About the Author
Reshma Dhawan is the Lead Job Coach at auticon US. She previously had a long career as a special education teacher with a passion for Community Based Instruction and how it could lead to better career outcomes for adults on the autism spectrum. Her interest in this area led her to join auticon in 2020 as a job coach, working with the company’s clients, autistic consulting teams, and technology managers to better support one another and achieve their goals. In her current role as Lead Job Coach, Reshma leads the company’s U.S. job coaching team as well as neurodiversity training for its clients.