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Meet Our Technologists: Bailey, Platform Engineer

Bailey is a junior software developer who joined auticon in early 2023 as a platform engineer working for one of our healthcare clients, Health Catalyst.

In order to pursue a career in technology, Bailey says he “learned a lot on my own and through freelance projects. I picked up skills in Python, SQL, JavaScript, and tech support.”

In 2019, Bailey joined the educational technology company Instructure as an L1 support engineer for Canvas, a web-based learning management system. In this role, he helped address tech issues for students and staff.

After gaining experience in this role, “I heard about auticon through personal connections and decided to give it a shot,” Bailey says. “Submitting my resume marked the beginning of a significant and positive new chapter in my career and life.”

As a platform engineer at Health Catalyst, Bailey uses his skills in Python, SQL, and Windows Technologies (Windows OS, Windows Server, Active Directory, SQL Server). In just over a year in this role, Bailey has already grown as a professional by expanding his SQL expertise and tech environment knowledge.

“I have improved my SQL abilities significantly, which is key for analyzing and visualizing healthcare data and data in general,” Bailey says. “I also learned more about enterprise-level server technology, like VPNs and Windows server environments, which are vital for maintaining the reliability, efficiency, and security of company services.”

Another aspect of the role that Bailey enjoys is “utilizing my skills to help improve healthcare, showing how IT can really make a difference in real-world outcomes.”

Together, auticon and Health Catalyst have provided high-quality, supportive career opportunities for seven autistic technology professionals so far. Bailey is excited to be a part of this team and to continue to grow his technology career.

“At auticon, I’ve found a truly supportive environment that leverages my skills for impactful projects, especially in collaboration with Health Catalyst, where we drive healthcare improvement through data analytics,” Bailey says. “Working at auticon has empowered me to apply my technical skills in meaningful ways. It’s rewarding to be part of a team that values diversity and fosters an environment where everyone is able to thrive.”